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Insurance for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture - TCM/TCMA

Comprehensive Policy includes:
   Professional Negligence
   Products Liability incl Herbal Remedies
   Libel & Slander
   Infringement of Copyright  
ach of Confidentiality
   General Liability to Third Parties
   Rescuers & Good Samaritan Acts


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the deadline for Professional Liability insurance in Ontario that meets the requiements and is compliant with the regulations of CT-CTCMPAO?

The insurance deadline for Ontario TCMA practitioners is April 1, 2013 and it is the responsiblity of each practitioner to understand the requirements including the insurance requirement of having a policy that is valid up to May 31, 2014 with Liability Limits of $1,000,000 / $5,000,000. If you are a current client and do not carry these limits or have a different expiry date you will need your policy changed. In some cases you policy can simply be upgraded or you pay an addiitional premium to extend your policy.

Note: For those clients that asked for changes to meet TC-CTCMPAO and subsequently refused to pay for these changes will be charged an additional $50 administration fee to make the change at a later date.

Q. What is the difference between professional liability insurance and general liability insurance on your policy?


Our unique "claims made" professional liability covers you for professional negligence of your business and general liability for bodily injury, mental injury, illness or death for which you are legally liable. General Liability insurance provides protection for Therapists for non professional liability exposures associated with serving clients. For example, the liability for clients falling and being injured which arises out of the insured's conduct. The policy also extends to include such coverage as libel and slander and products liability.


Q. Can you provide commercial general liability insurance on an occurrence form?


Our therapist policy is specifically designed to meet the needs of individual therapists, however we also able to provide Commercial General Liability on a separate policy on an "Occurrence basis". This will not only provides coverage for premises, products and completed operations, it will also provide employers liability, contractual liability, cross liability, tenants legal liability, non-owned auto and legal liability for damage to hired automobiles (SEF94).


Q. Why is your AGD Professional Liability policy wording so unique in combining professional liability and commercial general liability on one form?


Often professional liability and general liability issues in the event or a claim are clouded therefore our policy combines both on one simplified policy wording and at a very reasonable premium. 



Q. Do you cover products liability for products that I might sell?


Yes, your are covered upto $100,000 of products liability insurance automatically including Remedies which means natural supplements, herbal remedies, creams , gels , powders, essential oils, spritzers, tinctures, homeopathic or flower remdies or bottles, jars or dispensers, however we do not provide coverage for prescription medicines. 


Q. Can I renew my professional liability coverage over the phone?


No we cannot accept renewals over the phone. Each year you are required to update your renewal application. You then have the option of faxing/emailing or mailing us your professional liability renewal form.


Q. Why do I need to purchase separate coverage for my clinic?


The therapist policy purchased through this program is for individual professional liability and general liability coverage ONLY i.e., it protects the insured when negligent acts and/or omissions result in bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party. The policy DOES NOT provide coverage for property/equipment owned by the insured unless a separate policy is purchased for your premises or property or if your landlord requires an occurence form CGL policy.


Q. How do I do I insure or protect against injury to myself?


Insurance can be purchased separately under our Benefits and Disablity policy including Out of Province /Country Medical. (Currently Ontario residents only).


Q. What happens to my professional liability insurance if I move to another province or work outside of Canada?


Our policy provides liability insurance coverage Canada-Wide. We can cover you for special circumstances outside of Canada if you are traveling with a Canadian Sports Team or Delegation or temporary work outside of Canada for a number of other reasons.


Q. How does my association get approved?


If your association is currently not approved, please have them contact us and provide specific about details about education and training.


Q. What happens if my therapy does not appear on the approved list? How do I get it approved?


If an individual activity does not appear in the list above and requires coverage, please provide full details of training, accreditation and course syllabus details. (Such activity will have to specifically agreed and approved by Insurers prior to cover being bound.)

 Do I really need to purchase my own professional liability coverage? My employer covers me or do they?

THINK AGAIN! Take some time to read the following and act appropriately!

You should know that your employer’s legal representation and insurance coverage are in place to protect your employer from liability, and to protect the best interests of your employer first and foremost, regardless of whether those interests are in conflict with yours. A private professional liability insurance policy protects you; it covers you in the case of an error or negligent act and ensures that you have personalized legal assistance and protection from liability exposure.


When you are an employee of a firm, e.g. a school board, hospital, non-profit, your employer is responsible for your actions. However, should the limits of your employer’s insurance be insufficient to meet the settlement of a claim in which you are a co¬≠defendant, your personal assets could be at risk. Private professional liability insurance protects your personal assets, provides for your legal defence and ensures that there are adequate funds available for settlements and compensation.

 There are other instances in which your employer’s insurance may not cover you. For example:

   a complaint made to your college or professional association

   complaints and investigations by Children’s Aid, police, regulatory bodies

   in the event you are charged with a crime related to your work

Every service professional should be aware that their employer’s liability insurance may not provide them with adequate protection should they ever need it.


All therapists and service professionals should consider obtaining private insurance coverage. 

Q. How long does it take to get a quote?

Rates are published in our application. However, we recognize that members want to buy their insurance quickly and simply. That is why our insurance policy is backed up by exceptional service levels featuring:


Complete applications with payment are processed within 48 hours with the exception for those with claims.

We fast-track service for urgent submissions

Confirmation of Insurance is provided generally within 48 business hours of binding.


Q. How do I know if I am eligible for coverage under this program?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you will NOT be automatically eligible for coverage. This however does not mean that you are precluded from applying for coverage. Instead, you must complete the application and send it to Holman Insurance Brokers and include such things as a copy of the statement of claim and other details regarding the claim. The underwriting process may take 3-5 business days and acceptance is not guaranteed. A premium surcharge may also apply if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

  • Has any claim been made or lawsuit brought against you due to any actual or alleged wrongful act or mistake?  
  • Have you or any of your employees been the recipient of any allegations of professional negligence in writing or verbally?  
  • Are you or any of your employees aware of any facts, circumstances or situations which may reasonably give rise to a claim?  
  • Has there been or is there now pending against you any suit(s), proceeding(s), claims(s), fact(s), or situation(s) that would have been covered by this insurance?  
  • Have you ever had any license suspended or cancelled?  
  • Have you had any insurance company either decline to issue or cancel any errors and omissions insurance?  
  • Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a dishonest or fraudulent act?  
  • Have you ever been found guilty of any violation of Federal or Provincial insurance or securities law or regulation? 

Q. What is a claims-made policy?

 A "claims made" policy protects the policyholder against claims or incidents that are reported while the policy is in force, or during an "extended reporting period". The negligent act, error or omission must have also occurred during the specific time frame set by the policy.

Q. What is the difference between a claims-made policy and an occurrence policy?

An Occurrence policy protects you against incidents that occur while the policy is in force, regardless of when the claim is reported. A Claims Made policy protect you against claims that are made or reported during the policy period regardless of when the claim actually happened. 

Q. What happens if I retire, die or cease to do business?

Remember professional liability policies are written on a "claims made basis". Once you lapse or cancel your policy you will no longer have coverage for work that has been performed in the past. To solve this problem we can provide ‘run-off’ or extended reporting coverage. If you take out this cover, if any claims come in after you have retired, they will be covered if they arise from your business activity while you had coverage in effect. This cover would ensure that any late claims are still covered while the extended reporting coverage is in effect. You must contact us (or your Estate) to arrange this cover, and a charge will apply.

Q. What should I do if I think I might need to claim?

You should notify us immediately, even if you only think you might need to make a claim. We are here to help and quick action could mitigate costs or even prevent a claim. Equally, if you have a routine query on which you would like our opinion, we are always happy to help. See tab on left "How to report a Claim".

Q. Why do I have to provide copies of qualifications in the event of a loss even if I provided these at time I applied for insurance?

This is a standard procedure in the event of a claim. If you have already provided these and your qualifications do not require recurrent training you will not need to, however if your qualifications require recurrent training or updating we will require evidence that your are currently qualified to provide the therapy. The onus is on the insured to provide these.

Q. Is this insurance subject to HST.

This insurance is not subject to HST, but is still subject to Ontario 8% PST and Quebec 9% QST. All other provinces no tax applies. 




Here are some of the therapies we cover. 

Allergy Testing  

Aroma Therapy  

Bio Feedback

Ear Candling

First Aid  

Heat Therapy
Herbal Remedies

Holistic Counseling  

Magnetic Therapy  

Massage Therapy  

Nutrition Therapy

Qi Gong


Skin Scraping  

Spiritual Therapy  

Tai Chi  

Tapas Acupressure  

Therapeutic Touch  


Wu Head Massage

Zen Therapy

and others