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Insurance for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture - TCM/TCMA

Comprehensive Policy includes:
   Professional Negligence
   Products Liability incl Herbal Remedies
   Libel & Slander
   Infringement of Copyright  
ach of Confidentiality
   General Liability to Third Parties
   Rescuers & Good Samaritan Acts


Risk Management Tips to help reduce your risk of a Claim:

Here is a list of practical and strategic ideas to help you reduce your risk and avoid lawsuits. Please note some ideas may not apply to all therapies.

Clean Environment

Keep your office or clinic clean and any equipment in good repair.

For massage therapists, check your table’s hardware and parts regularly. If your table is set fairly high, provide a step stool for your short stature clients. Wipe your client’s feet before they get up, and clean up any oil spills off the floor. A tidy, uncluttered environment goes far in reducing your liability risk.

Safe Environment 

Be sure to keep all electrical cords (extension, telephone, lamp and appliance) away from foot traffic. Put non-skid mats under area rugs. Keep the exterior access to your office clear of debris and snow. If you use candles, do not leave them unattended.

Communication with your client is your most important tool.

 - Communicate Regarding Pain and Discomfort

Pay attention to your client’s pain threshold and be aware of the pressure you are using. Ask your client if the pressure is comfortable. If you have a new client, tell him/her that it is normal to be sore in certain areas for a day or two. Informing clients ahead of time will relieve their concern and a possible complaint.

- Be Proactive Regarding Potential Dizziness

Tell your clients to take their time getting off the table in case of dizziness or lightheadedness. If they continue to be lightheaded, have them sit in a chair for a while. You might consider offering to help them out to the car.

- Communicate Regarding Expectations  

Communicate with your clients before the massage about their expectations. Do not assume they will know what to expect during or after the massage—tell them. Communication shows you care. Take the time to complete any required in-take questionnaire and consent form with client. 

- Provide Complete Privacy and Personal Security for Clients

To help avoid sexual harassment charges, give your clients complete privacy while they undress and get on the table. Have them remove only what is comfortable, and provide a secure drape for them. What may be an innocent comment or touch to you may be interpreted differently by a client. Be aware of your remarks and explain the type of touch you will use so they will know what to expect. 

- Follow up with New Clients

For new clients, consider calling them the next day to learn how they are feeling. This is especially important with elderly clients. 

Single Use Needles and Disposal

To reduce the possibility of infection from acupuncture,  all needles should be pre-sterilized, single use needles made of surgicla stainless steel. Immediately after treatment, needles should be disposed of as medical waste and never reused. All acupunturist should had training in Clean Needle Technique and Universal Precaution.

Safe Chinese Medicines and Herbal Remedies

All herbal products and/or ingredients should be purchased from approved supplies of the Register of Chinese Medicines and/or Chinese Medicine Association of Suppliers and no products or any herb or ingredient should be prohibited by:

·        Controlled Drugs and Substances Act ( CDSA)  

·        Narcotics Control Regulations  

·       Police Enforcement Regulations  

·       Regulations Exempting Certain Precursors and Controlled Substances from the Application of the  CDSA  

·       Benzodiazepines and Other Targeted Substances Regulations  

·       Industrial Hemp Regulations
Food and Drug Regulations    Part G, Controlled Drugs
Food and Drug Regulations  Part J, Restricted Drugs  

·       Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse Act  

·       Food and Drugs Act  

or any similar act. 



Here are some of the therapies we cover. 

Allergy Testing  

Aroma Therapy  

Bio Feedback

Ear Candling

First Aid  

Heat Therapy
Herbal Remedies

Holistic Counseling  

Magnetic Therapy  

Massage Therapy  

Nutrition Therapy

Qi Gong


Skin Scraping  

Spiritual Therapy  

Tai Chi  

Tapas Acupressure  

Therapeutic Touch  


Wu Head Massage

Zen Therapy

and others